I’m giving in and am going to try to keep up with a blog about my adventures and attempts at running. While Tumblr is my preferred platform of choice, it isn’t very useful at archiving a lot of text in a chronological order. As a 21 year old college student, I am not entirely happy with my level of fitness right now. I enjoy being outdoors and would love to try new things such as climbing, surfing, skydiving, and such, I’m not in the best shape I could be to try everything I want to. Surfing is hard and even when I was a stronger swimmer than I am now I took a pretty hard beating trying to get out to the water.

My goal for the moment is completing a half marathon before I graduate (that’s 6 months from now!). I have been hitting the gym semi-regularly this quarter and have improved my upper body strength but now I need to build up endurance. Here I’ll post my workouts and findings on cool things to do outside along with (hopefully) new photos I’ll get to take while doing them.

If you’re interested in looking at what the insides of my brain looks like, visit my Tumblr. If you’re interested in my mediocre efforts at photography, find me here.


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