Hyping Myself Up

We all have that source of inspiration for doing things. Family, friends, love, hate, anger, watching other people best you, watching people do things you wish you could do, watching people who are not supposed to be able to do something do it better than you ever could. That was kind of a long winded sentence. In any case, this past week I’ve been watching past Kona Ironman Championships and every single person who finishes the race – on time or not – blows me away. I don’t know if I could ever do an Ironman but I know that I am not nearly the best I could be.

I am currently working on graduate school applications. I’ve had to dig deeper into my abilities, experiences, and triumphs more than I ever had to before. I’m not usually one to brag about myself at all but when it comes to getting into that Master’s program I want I’ll have to. We all like to think we have had that slice of humble pie but let’s be frank with ourselves. We like it when we accomplish something. We enjoy that feeling of being 1st place or being the best at something. Maybe some of us can’t ever get 1st place or be the best at something but nonetheless I think we like to brag that we tried too. It might sound silly but I want to be able to brag that I tried doing everything I’ve ever wanted to do. Even if I’ve only had the most remote thought about doing it, I want to at least be able to say I tried. My anemia keeps me from donating blood but I can be proud of the fact that in my senior of high school I tried to volunteer to donate. My childhood asthma kept me from being able to run for long periods of time but I tried to keep up with the distance runners after track season was over and I did better than I would have ever imagined at the time.

So here’s to my first post. A toast to myself and anyone who has ever wanted to do something and has yet to try. It isn’t New Year’s yet but who cares? Let’s just stop wishing and thinking and start moving and doing. The moment I get more than 3 hours of sleep and the weather stops being bipolar I’m going to go outside and go on a run for as long and far as I can.




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